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M7 is a global variable struct array, containing information about the current state of the ten available mode7 windows (0..9). It is used to influence the settings of a mode7 window, initiated by Start_mode7().

Members of one Struct

Member name - Description
INT camera - The processID of the process to be followed (default: 0).
INT height - The height of the camera. This variable sets the height of the camera in relation to the bottom. A positive number will put the camera position higher, when a negative number is used, then the camera is placed beneath the folded surface, and shows the ceiling instead of the ground. (defualt: 32).
INT distance - Distance of the camera related to the process it follows. It's position is placed a little bit behind the processID wich is associated with the camera field of the mode7 structure. (default: 64).
INT horizon - Height of the horizon. This is the same value as indicated in the corresponding argument of the Start_mode7 function. It's initial value will be equal to the function's parameter when the function is initiated. With this field it is possible to look "up" or "down".
INT focus - Adjusts the camera lens, this value controls the camera's perspective. The value can range between 0 and 512. With this you can warp the surface. The higher the value is, the closer the processes are placed on the plane (default: 256).
INT z - The Z-coordinate of the scroll window (default: 256).
INT color - This field controls the color of the mode7 border. When the external graphic is not specified in the Start_mode7() function, this variable will control the color in wich you would like to use for the border. (default: 0).
INT flags - Bit flags.


The name "mode7" is a historical name, as it was the 7th graphics mode of the Snes gameconsole.

See also

The 7th mode7 wikipedia page.

The predefined local variable Xgraph, wich is allows sprites to be viewed under an angle in a mode7 window.


See the [mode7 tutorial]

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