List of Fenix DLLs

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This is a list of DLLs avaliable for fenix. For more information, see DLL. For a list of documented DLL's, see DLLs.

  • Explosion DLL Explosion generator.
  • GUI DLL Adds functionality for various GUI elements such as windows and textboxes.
  • Image DLL Allows other image formats to be used in fenix such as jpeg.
  • Mixer DLL Various sound functions
  • MPEG DLL (requires "smpeg.dll") Allows MPEG video playback.
  • Network DLL (requires "SDL_net.dll" and "Network.fh" files) Adds network functionality using TCP.
  • LCD DLL Adds functionality for the Logitech G15 LCD screen.
  • TTF DLL (requires "freetype.dll") Lets TrueType Fonts be used.