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A joystick is a general term for not just actual joysticks. Joysticks can be, but are not limited to:

  • (actual) joysticks
  • steering wheels
  • gamepads
  • controllers on consols
  • GP2X main controls

A joystick provides different controls for different purposes.



An axis is an analogue input, used for input that should be precise or sensitive. Examples are the flight stick control of the joystick (an actual joystick), the steer of a steering wheel and the analogue control on a gamepad.

In Bennu, values of axes range between -32768 and 32767.

See joy_numaxes(), joy_getaxis()


A button is a binary input, meaning it is either pressed or not.

In Bennu, pressed is 1 and not pressed is 0.

See joy_numbuttons(), joy_getbutton()


A hat is an 8-way digital pad. They are also called POV-hats because they are mostly used to alter the Point Of View. Examples are POV-hats on joysticks and steering wheels, but also D-pads on a gamepad can be a hat.

In Bennu, hat constants are used to describe the position of a hat.

See joy_numhats(), joy_gethat()


A ball is like a mouse: only relative values are measured.

In Bennu, the relative values of balls range between -32768 and 32767.

See joy_numballs(), joy_getball()