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INT NET_RecvGraph ( <WORD connection> )

Receives a graphic on the specified connection. With the data received on the connection, a new graphic will be created in the system file and its graphID returned.


WORD connection - The connection identifier.


INT : The size of the successfully sent graph. With the separatorlength, if the separator was added.

NET_ERROR_INVALIDCONN - The connection is invalid.
NET_ERROR_CONNINACTIVE - The connection is inactive.
NET_ERROR_CREATINGGRAPH - Could not create graphic.
NET_ERROR_NONEWMESSAGE - The incomingbuffer is empty.
NET_ERROR_UNFINISHEDMESSAGE - The message in the incomingbuffer is incomplete.
NET_ERROR_SIZEMISMATCH - Sizes do not match: tried to receive a non-existing graph.
>=0 - The graphID of the graphic created using the received data.


This function is to receive graphics sent with NET_SendGraph().

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