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Name Size (Bytes) Description
Magic 3 character string that must containg "fnx"
MSDOS-END 4 the four bytes 1Ah,0Dh,0Ah,00h
Bits Per Pixel 1 Font color depht can be equal to: 1,8,16,32
Colors Palette 768 256 RGB colors using 1 byte for each component where the two first bits are ignored, so a component can be from 0 to 63 value.
Color Gamuts 576 16 color gamuts (sutsets of colors) useful to quickly paint.NOTE: currenly ignored
charset 4 Characters set, can be 0 or 1 to ISO8859 or CP850.

Now goes 256 character Descriptors. one for each ASCII letter

Characters Desciptor

Name Size (Bytes) Description
width 4
height 4
width offset 4
height offset 4
horizontal offset 4
vertical offset 4
data offset 4

And finaly the graphics data

Graphics Data

The size of each graphic will be width * height * bits_per_pixel / 8, except to 1 bit that use a rounded byte line formula, round(width/8)*8 * height. To optain the exact position you need use the data offset stored in the descriptor of each data.