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Fenix 0.84a.

Note that there is a newer version available and it is recommended that one is used.



There are multiple bugs known to exist in Fenix 0.84a:

  • The first local variable to be declared by the user will get corrupt. (fixed in 0.86)
  • Comments before precompiler statements give an error (fixed in 0.93)
  • Precompiler statement #else doesn't work properly (fixed in 0.93)
  • The first rand() statement in a program returns the same number every execution of the program if the difference between lower and upper bound is relatively small, for example 20. (fixed in 0.93)
  • When using the continue statement the count- or stepping statement does not get executed before jumping to the checking of the condition. (fixed in 0.86)
  • Using switch(My_string) can cause sudden program exits. (fixed in ...?)