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INT xput ( <INT fileID> , <INT GraphID> , <INT x> , <INT y> , <INT angle> , <INT size> , <INT blitflags> , <INT region> )

Draws (blits) a graphic onto the background.

If the advanced parameters aren't needed, put() can be used.


INT fileID - The fileID of the file that holds the graphics.
INT graphID - The graphID of the graphic to draw with.
INT x - Where on the background graphic's x-axis to put the graphic.
INT y - Where on the background graphic's y-axis to put the graphic.
INT angle - What angle to draw the graphic at.
INT size - What size to draw the graphic at.
INT blitflags - What blit flags to draw the graphic with.
INT regionID - The regionID of the region in which the graphic is only allowed to be drawn.


INT : true


The x and y parameters denote where to draw the graphic, that is, where the center of the to be drawn graphic will be. Blit flags can be used to give the drawing (blitting) a special effect.

When angle is 0 and size is 100, the speed is greater, because the graph doesn't need rotating or scaling.


Unsupported color depth - The graphic's color depth is greater than the background graphic's.

Functions Put()Regiondefine()Regionout()Screenclear()Screenget()Screenput()Xput()