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Struct Reserved

Reserved is a local variable struct, containing information that is reserved for Bennu's internals. However, sometimes you may wish to use certain members of it. Using in the sense of reading only, do not under any circumstances alter their values, unless you know what you are doing.

If it's not documented what these members do, their use is reasonably limited. If you want to know what these members do, your programming goals are of a level, where you can also look in the sourcecode. This is because most of these members would require a lengthy explanation about what they do and why.


Member name - Description
INT ID_scan - Internal use only (formerly got processID from within the process).
INT process_type - The ProcessTypeID of the process.
INT type_scan - Internal use only (formerly got processTypeID from within the process).
INT status - The status of the process, containing a status code.
INT changed - Internal use only.
INT xgraph_flags - Internal use only (blit flags for xgraph).
INT saved_status - Internal use only (for signals).
INT prev_z - Previous z value.
INT distance1 - Not used.
INT distance2 - Not used.
INT frame_percent - Internal use only.
INT box_x0 - The x-coordinate of the topleft corner of the process' graphic (process.x-graphic.width/2).
INT box_y0 - The y-coordinate of the topleft corner of the process' graphic (process.y-graphic.height/2).
INT box_x1 - The x-coordinate of the bottomright corner of the process' graphic (process.x+graphic.width/2).
INT box_y1 - The y-coordinate of the bottomright corner of the process' graphic (process.y+graphic.height/2).

Global variables