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Modules add extra functionality to Bennu, as Bennu on its own is just a language and a virtual machine. The default modules contain the basics you need to make a game: video, audio, input, etc. More advanced external libraries are available, like network and 3D rendering.

Enabling a module is easy, using import:

import " <modulename> "

Some external libraries use a header (.INC) instead, so use include:

include " <includename> "

Official Modules

mod_blendop /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_cd /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_crypt /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_debug /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_dir /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_draw /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_effects /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_ffi /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_file /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_flic /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_grproc /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_joy /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_key /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_m7 /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_map /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_math /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_mem /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_mouse /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_path /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_proc /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_rand /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_regex /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_say /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_screen /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_scroll /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_sort /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_sound /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_string /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_sys /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_text /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_time /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_timers /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_video /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_wm /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}

34 modules

3rd party modules

mod_ttf /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
mod_wpad /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
pango.dll /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}
tinyXML.dll /^.*----[\n\r]*(.*)$/s|$1}}

4 libraries