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Modules add extra functionality to Bennu, as Bennu on its own is just a language and a virtual machine. The default modules contain the basics you need to make a game: video, audio, input, etc. More advanced external libraries are available, like network and 3D rendering.

Enabling a module is easy, using import:

import " <modulename> "

Some external libraries use a header (.INC) instead, so use include:

include " <includename> "

Official Modules

mod_blendop - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Blend Operation module, to blend target and source graphics when drawn.

mod_cd - {{#regex:Up to Modules

CD module, adding audio CD playback functionality.

mod_crypt - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Encryption/decryption module for the encryption and decryption of data.

mod_debug - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Debug module. Adds the capacity to open the Bennu console.

mod_dir - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Directory module, adding control over the current working directory and the file system.

mod_draw - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Primitive drawing module, adding drawing of primitive and pixels.

mod_effects - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Graphical effects module, adding effects applicable to graphics.

mod_ffi - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Foreign Function Interface library, offering a way of interfacing with functions from another language, for example DLLs.

mod_file - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Files module, adding control over individual files (reading, writing, etc).

mod_flic - {{#regex:Up to Modules

FLIC module.

mod_grproc - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Graphical processes module.

mod_joy - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Joystick module.

mod_key - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Keyboard module.

mod_m7 - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Mode7 module.

mod_map - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Maps module.

mod_math - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Math module.

mod_mem - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Memory module.

mod_mouse - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Mouse module.

mod_path - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Pathfind module.

mod_proc - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Process interaction and manipulation module.

mod_rand - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Random number generator module.

mod_regex - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Regular expressions module.

mod_say - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Say (printf) module.

mod_screen - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Screen module.

mod_scroll - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Scroll module.

mod_sort - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Sorting module.

mod_sound - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Sound module.

mod_string - {{#regex:Up to Modules

String manipulation module.

mod_sys - {{#regex:Up to Modules

System communication module.

mod_text - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Text module.

mod_time - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Time module.

mod_timers - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Timers module.

mod_video - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Video module.

mod_wm - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Window Manager module.


34 modules

3rd party modules

mod_ttf - {{#regex:Up to DLL's

Truetype font module. Can load TTF files and convert them into Bennu fonts in memory.

mod_wpad - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Wii controller support module. This library will help you read input data and operate Wii controllers.

pango.dll - {{#regex:Up to Modules

Pango.dll is a Pango wrapper for BennuGD.

tinyXML.dll - {{#regex:Up to Modules

4 libraries