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INT get_real_point( <INT controlpoint> , <INT POINTER x> , <INT POINTER y> )

Finds the actual position on the screen of the calling process, given its graphic and the specified controlpoint on this graphic. All process-related variables are taken into account, like x, y, angle, even ctype. These coordinates are then assigned to the variables pointed to by x and y.


INT controlpoint - The controlpoint on the process' graphic of which the actual position is wanted.
INT POINTER x - A pointer to an integer to which the X-coordinate will be assigned.
INT POINTER y - A pointer to an integer to which the Y-coordinate will be assigned.


INT : Successrate

false - Error: no graphic; invalid controlpoint;
true - Success.

Functions Advance()Collision()Collisionbox()Collisioncircle()Getangle()Getdist()Getrealpoint()Xadvance()