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Blit flags are bit flags which can be passed to some map functions, to specify a certain effect when blitting a graphic. These functions are:

They can also be used to specify a certain effect for the blitting of the graphic of a process, by assigning blit flags to its local variable flags.


Constant - Value - Description
B_HMIRROR - 1 - Blit the graph horizontally mirrored.
B_VMIRROR - 2 - Blit the graph vertically mirrored.
B_TRANSLUCENT - 4 - Blit the graph with half transparency.
B_ALPHA - 8 - Blit the graph in some way. (What does this do exactly?)
B_ABLEND - 16 - Blit the graph using additive blending (nice effect for fire).
B_SBLEND - 32 - Blit the graph using subtractive blending (nice effect for ghosting).
B_NOCOLORKEY - 128 - Blit the transparent parts of the graph as black (color 0).