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It would be cool to have tutorials on the wiki too... what do you say? - Dennis

Yeah tutorials, example source code, whatever. Surely people can add what they want when they want as it's a wiki? Btw, someone needs to write a page for fenix. - yonni


Catagory! Woody 11:41, 22 April 2007 (CEST)

Fenix page

That's an old favourite. Also add Fenix on the front page somewhere. - 14:53, 6 August 2007 (CEST)

Meta data

Ok. The google searches subtitle is currently:

"8 Nov 2009 ... From Bennu Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search ...a Wiki for all Bennu Developers and Users. Want to help this Wiki? Checkout the TODO page! ..." as of now.

It sounds very uninteresting.

I think the meta needs improving, may give better searches and results. Also.. the title should be something like "Wiki for Bennu Game Development developers and users."

I cannot edit it, it's locked!

How about this? --Sandman 10:54, 13 February 2010 (UTC)

Change layout to be more attractive/visual?

In my opinion the main function of the Wiki frontpage is to spark interest in the Bennu-unaware people passing by. Users who already know and use Bennu will find their way around the wiki regardless, and I think there are only a couple of links on the page that are frequently used. Those are the links to the Bennu main page and forum, the link to the SVN and maybe the Latest Bennu Version page.

As a result I don't think the Wiki entry page is motivating people enough to get in and find out.

To change this I think it would be a good idea to give it a higher 'pimp' factor. It should try to 'wow' the visitor with screencaps of succesful, funny and visually appealing games(like [Mr. Sitwell], [King Of Fighters] and [Puzsion]). Anyone with the intention and motivation to learn can make those games. Most people still think game development is for the tech-savvy geeks and big companies, and must be made aware that Bennu is providing an easier alternative.

The page should start with a small abstract introducing Bennu to the unwary visitor. The current one line abstract can easily be expanded to give a little more info about what the great features of the language are, and that 2D game design is 'the shit'. It should then direct the user to a quick start page continuing to impress the visitor with visuals and features, stressing the fact that Bennu should have a gentle learning curve which eases anyone into making great games taking one step at the time.

Below that on the frontpage it should be graphically illustrated that Bennu runs on a plethora of different platforms. Below that should be graphical buttons that direct people towards the download-Bennu page where binaries are available. Even better would be a bundle containing the latest binaries, an IDE and preferably the quick start guide. Bennupack is aiming to do something like that but has grown into a collection of everything-that-exists in Bennu.

After all that the space that is left should be filled with useful links to particular pages of interest, some handpicked tutorials maybe('Latest' doesn't really work as there is no real incoming stream).

Another thing is the styling of the Wiki. It looks good, but it's the standard look with only the logo replaced. It might be functional, but it looks flat and effortless. With existing themes and some new colours and a Photoshopped logo this can be easily fixed.

As we are slowly approaching 1.0.0 I think it might be time to give the wiki a much needed makeover. The main page is locked however and I'm sure changing the theme would require serious authorisation. I think that it would be a good idea in any case to brainstorm what the page should look like and try and find the right people for the job. I for one would like to have a part in this.

Moogster, September 8th 2011