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INT LCD_SetBitmap ( <INT device> , <INT priority> , <BYTE POINTER map> )

Sets the bitmap of the device to a certain map with a certain priority.


INT device - Number of the device.
INT priority - The priority of the bitmap (see notes).
BYTE POINTER map - Pointer to a 160x43 byte array.


INT : LCD.DLL Errorcodes

LCD_ERROR_NONE - 0 - No error.
LCD_ERROR_SERVICEINACTIVE - -14 - The service is inactive.
LCD_ERROR_DEVICENOTCONNECTED - -21 - Device not connected.
LCD_ERROR_INVALIDPARAMETER - -22 - Invalid parameter.


  • Multiple priorities can be used:
LCD_PRIORITY_IDLE_NO_SHOW - Lowest priority, disable displaying. Use this priority when you don’t have anything to show.
LCD_PRIORITY_BACKGROUND - Priority used for low priority items.
LCD_PRIORITY_NORMAL - Normal priority, to be used by most applications most of the time.
LCD_PRIORITY_ALERT - Highest priority. To be used only for critical screens, such as "your CPU temperature is too high"
  • One can use map_buffer() to obtain a byte pointer to a map. Make sure this map is of size 160x43 and it has a color depth of 8.

LCD.DLL Functions